Woman, 69 year old, sacrificed life saving four drowning kids.



Grandma Chai XiaoNuu, pronounced Chai Shout (without t) Nu (in French), just finished doing her laundry at the river bank near her village in HeNan, pronounced Hur Nan, province northern China. She and her 12 year old grandson was heading for home. The time was around 4:30 PM, August 12, 2011.

They heard kids screaming for help. Five kids were playing in the river. Three young girls slipped and dragged two teens who tried to help into deep water. Grandma Chai, age 69, rushed back to the river. That part of the river had holes which could reach 10 feet or more in depth. Grandma Chai and her grandson pulled two hand-in-hand kids to safety. She herself immediately dived into the water and raised two more kids off water from beneath one by one. One of the kids recalled that Grandma Chai was panting and coughing at that time, apparently out of breath. Nevertheless, she went back into the water again for the last kid and never emerged. Rescuers found the bodies of Grandma Chai and the remaining 12 year old kid later. She did not know how to swim. Yet, Grandma Chai rushed to rescue without any hesitation. Her relatives found Grandma’s cellphone and keys in her pocket. Apparently she did not even think of leaving her valuables ashore before going in. Rescuers and villagers cried.

Thousands of villagers attended Grandma Chai’s funeral voluntarily. Chinese net surfers and media called her the “most beautiful grandma" in China.

If human race could ever be saved, you are one of the few rare reasons, Grandma Chai.





新聞來源: 河南日報報導





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