ipad 3G Wifi 64G + Verizon + Blackberry

If the combination of those three things mentioned in the title of this post do not spell trouble, I don’t know what else can.

Wife got an ipad 3G+Wifi 64G as a gift.
I am wondering if we should unwrap it and dive into Apple’s dictatorship.
Can some of you ipad users out there advise on some of my concerns?

1. Net surfing
She already has Verizon Wireless Blackberry with unlimited data plan.
Would we be required to pay additional data fee to use ipad for web browsing?
It does not make much sense to rely on Wifi.
By the way, please help if you know how to use Blackberry Tour as data modem with notebook computer running Win7.

2. Apps
Can we run MS Word, Excel on ipad? Yeah, I know, I spit on the dictatorship of MS Office as much as on Apple. But, we are forced to use it at work. What killer apps are there for ipad that Wintel machines do not have?

3. Chinese Input
Unicode? Simplified Chinese only? Can I use Google Pinyin?

Mind you that I have three notebook computers at home already. Yeah, don’t ask. I know ipad is definitely more convenient to carry around. But, is it enough to replace them?

Any advice you can give is appreciated.


Oh well. Wife could not wait another second and opened it up.
Those questions above are still waiting for answers though.

What the bloody heck is that???

What if I don’t have a Wintel or Mac?
Isn’t ipad suppose to be a ‘computer’ itself?
If another computer is required to activate, it’s an accessory. It’s a toy. A toy that requires support. Now I have to learn to support a piece of toy in addition to all other gadgets my genius family use but care not to spend any single brain cell to learn. “It just works." Yeah, right.

My previous experiences with itunes were not pleasant to say the least.
It’s a slow, demanding, and more subjectively, ugly piece of software. The only purpose of it is to restrict you to do more business with Apple. And, it’s not that easy to kill.
Apple has become Microsoft.

Some thoughts:

– How do a lot of people survive before wireless communication was available? Did it kill them when they were not able to talk to someone else loudly and continuously? Well, maybe it will become that.

– You know how much MS and Apple spend on marketing (reads: brainwash)? Google it yourself. Your planet is funny. Not in a “Ha ha ha it’s funny." way funny.


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2 則迴響 於 “ipad 3G Wifi 64G + Verizon + Blackberry”

  1. ws Says:

    Happened to write some of my iPad use experience. May have some answers u need as following….

    “"I have used iPad over 6 months. It fits me pretty well. 

    I never had laptop, this is my first portable computer device. It is like an entertainment toy to me. The world is simply at the fingertip wherever you go. There are many many features going on and on one can learn and explore. Free Wi-Fi everywhere in the town I live. I am not sure the Wi-Fi environment in Taipei. Heard iPad just starts selling in Taipei recently by the news.

    The cons to me is
    . The old version operation system do not support Traditional Chinese input. The new version of OS has changed that. I have not upgrade the latest version of Apple iOS 4.2
    . For some reasons, udn editing box like 發表新留言、 回應 just don’t work on iPad
    . Onscreen typing not as easy and fast as normal typing on the physical keyboard, both English and Chinese.
    . I do not trust American Corporation. They will steal people’s private data in their computers, so I do not put private important information on my iPad.

    I am not sure if you have iPhone or Blackberry (both of them have strong internet feature already, and much lighter).  I recommend to buy the one with largest on board memory, 64 GB."

    Also, I did not activate my iPad with my home computer, simply went to Apple store and asked sales guy activate for me in the shop. And backup my iPad data with itune in my home computer which is no Internet connection.

    As far ad I know, ms office (ms, excel…) has no iPad version. Apple has its own office sw (pages, excel….), and similar to the ms office features.

    To me, the major difference btw iPad and notebook is, iPad is not powerful enough to run graphic intensive sw like photoshop, dreamweaver…..     

    Any new device needs period learning curve. After getting myself familiar most of its features, I really love it, but I still stick hard by using iPad as a stand alone device and not hook to iTunes in PC in sync with Internet. U R right, these American corporations are very very very very EVIL.  坏透了。


    • CDL卜向化 Says:

      Thanks for your contribution. To use this toy on the go, Verizon wants mifi data plan on top of the so called unlimited data plan I already paid for. To use Blackberry as a tethered data modem with laptop? Pay another data plan fee. Yes, monopoly is great.




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